Did You Know? Status of Social Media, Mobile, E-commerce in the Philippines 2020 Before Covid

Did You Know that the Philippines is #1 in the World in 2 Digital Aspects? Find out where:

What insights did you get about the We Are Social 2020 Study?

Here is a summary of my actionable insights (with a comparison vs. We Are Social 2017)…

Insights and Summary of We Are Social 2020

Did you notice the huge jump in internet and mobile usage from 2017 to 2020. But, and this is a big but- this is as of January 2020.

Imagine being locked down at home,  for 2 months,  nowhere to go,  to with a phone in hand!

Without a doubt, Covid-19 has accelerated the growth of  all these statistics to new heights. Some of the increase is temporary but it is expected that the impact will be still be significant and permanent.

With the next normal, companies and entrepreneurs scramble to be establish a meaningful and productive on-line presence.

WARNING: The world wide web is a whole new battlefield, with new rules and with new rock stars! Adapt or perish.

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ASYNCHRONOUS: Ateneo Blue Cloud and Online Learning

Covid-19 has disrupted a lot of ways of doing things, including how students learn.

With new physical, social and time barriers resulting from lockdowns, quarantines, unpredictable traffic, company closures, government restrictions and lack of public transportation, the traditional face to face classroom learning experience is almost impossible The best option: Online Learning.


In the Ateneo’s Online Learning Guidelines (referred to as the Ateneo Blue Cloud or ABC), the student learner remains the primary audience (target customer) and the learning outcomes/ objectives as the goals to be accomplished by the end of the course. The Z (objective) remains the same but the X (how to do it) is different.

The technology for online learning will be different. But Learning > Technology. It has and will always be more about the learning than the technology. The technology is just the means to the end: which is learning.

Furthermore, Ateneo Blue Cloud recognizes 3 Essential Ingredients in Online Learning:

  1. Content- The components and elements of the course including the learning modules, tasks, assignments, discussions and projects
  2. Coach- the professor leveraging his/her professional experience in industry and in facilitating course to guide the students through the content
  3. Cohort – peers and fellow students taking the course who enrich the course by sharing of their own experiences and their own outputs/work of the assigned tasks. Students learning by doing and learning by seeing how others did their work.

Ateneo Graduate School of Business’ Dr. Gilda Del Rosario, chair of the Strategic and Marketing Management department shared this during a webinar with other faculty members:

Shift in Flexible Design for Learning

For now, my Online classes will be a hybrid of synchronous and synchronous classes. Please see chart for the difference:

4 Learning Types v2 including ABC Asynchronous pic

There are a lot of pros/ cons for each learning type, but it is difficult to argue the superiority of the hybrid Online Learning.

Take for example:   an asynchronous class on Monday and a synchronous class on Thursdays. For the Monday class, instead of requiring the student to be in the same physical location at the same time of about 1 to 3 hours, (or else be marked absent), the student is instead given the freedom to accomplish assigned learning tasks within a 70-hour window (until the start of the next Thursday class) or a much larger 168-hour window (until the start of the next Monday class).  Surely, such freedom is suited to the disrupted new normal.

The synchronous class on Thursday allows the advantages of control, engagement, participation and consultation to still happen. This regular cadence serves as a good counterbalance and complement to the almost unrestricted time of Monday classes.

As this is new, everyone will be adjusting. But as long as the objectives (Z) and the reasons (Y) are clear, then the online learning type (X) is just the best way to achieve the Z.

Here are some useful links on asynchronous learning (also referred to as Location Independent Learning)




Ateneo Blue Cloud v2Ateneo is ready to sync with the world

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Blackboard ABC: Tips for New Users

Here’s a video on how to post on a discussion board.

Click on Blackboard

Home Page> Discussions > (Specific Forum in the Discussion Board) > Create Thread > Send a Message > Submit

You can also go to Youtube and search for the Blackboard tutorial video that you need.

More info for students here:


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Master the Slide in Powerpoint

Yes, there is a noisy minority who absolutely hate Powerpoint.  Some of them are gifted and/or experienced speakers and are able to communicate effectively even with no background presentation projected at their back.

However, the masterful use of Powerpoint for corporate reports is still the preferred and default option by the silent majority.

Invest a few minutes to become a “Jedi” master in using Powerpoint’s master slide. Pls. watch the videos below…


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Screen Recording with Audio on Your Phone

Recording both the audio and what you see on your screen on your phone is a very good way to capture the experience of a mobile phone user.

Dont know how to do it? Hear ye! ALAM na!

Best video tutorial for iphone users…

Here’s a video link on how to record audio on your screen recording both for your iphone and android phone…

How to do it on Android phone is from 0 to 5 mins 43 sec and then how to do it on iphone follows at 5:44. Really useful knowledge!

Another, shorter video just for iphone users…

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Online Shopping! Really?

With social distancing and lockdowns becoming the next normal, there is an inevitable rush to create online stores.

Here is what we currently have in the Philippines…

Robinsons Supermarket seems to be regarded as one of the very first companies to successfully deploy on-line supermarket shopping…

Key Insights on Robinsons On-Line (Based on 2 Videos shown below)

Online supermarket shopping using Robinsons desktop platform doesnt seem to be working. There is no product listing, pricing, checkout. Some web links are not working, or obsolete.

The only link that seems to lead to possible online sales is when the QR code on MetroMart’s banner ad appearing in the Robinsons supermarket site is scanned. But it will not be surprising that this pathway can easily be overlooked.

In case you are not able to launch the full screen, try clicking on the Youtube logo on the above video (logo appears if you put your cursor over the video.)Or watch it in Youtube thru this link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jd_zlS7hdfY&t=65s

Here is Part 2 for Robinsons Supermarket…

In case you are not able to launch the full screen, try clicking on the Youtube logo on the above video (logo appears if you put your cursor over the video.) Or watch it in Youtube thru this link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSKA6Zoubcw


Another leading brand of grocery shopping is MetroMart! Experience the customer journey through its app here…

Key Insights (MetroMart on mobile app):

(1) Limited skus (for example there are 2 skus of batteries only). Overall there may only be less than 5000 skus in entire Robinsons supermarket in Metromart.

(2) some companies like Wyeth and Unilever maybe paying a listing or promo fee so that it is their products are the ones that are included in the limited skus.

(3) Shopping fee is 320. Delivery fee is 100. Minimum basket size is 1500.

(4) Each sku must have a professional looking but quick loading photo

(5) only 3 payment options: COD, credit and debit card. No paymaya or Gcash or paypal or dragonpay

(6) when loading time takes 10 seconds or more, the customer becomes uninterested and drops an order or the entire cart.

(7) customer wont scroll too long or too downwards in1 page (there’s a psychological limit)- thus you cannot put too many skus

Metromart App- Customer Journey as Seen Through an Iphone

In case you are not able to launch the full screen, try clicking on the Youtube logo on the above video (logo appears if you put your cursor over the video.) Or, click on this link… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=27&v=QTKYdJJztwM&feature=emb_logo


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Zoom 101


Zoom video conferencing is now a necessary skill especially for those who are forced to Work or Learn from Home.

A Covid-19 support website contains multiple links that might be useful to all Zoom users, beginners and experts alike…

The official resource guide can be found here…


Here are 6 x 1 minute video tutorials from the official guide that should get you started quickly..

Here are Top Tips and Tricks when Using Zoom

Want to be better using Zoom? Watch these videos too!

The first 5 minutes of this tutorial is also very useful…

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